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Pre Release at Home

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Now that the Murders of Karlov Manor pre-release weekend is coming to an end we have some pre-release at home kits available for order!


What is a pre-release at home?

A pre-release at home is a way to have a mini pre-release in the comfort of your own home. This is especially good for those who live too far away to reasonably attend a pre-release, or for some other reason couldn’t attend it but still want to enjoy the experience.

These kits come with pre-release boxes for 4 players, 8 play boosters of prize support, and 1 collectors booster to distribute however your group decides

What do you get?

  • 4 Pre-Release kits
  • 8- Play Boosters
  • 1- Collectors booster 


What does this cost?

These kits cost 20,000Isk .
The price of these bundles comes with a bit of a discount as they are bundled together 😀

Can I buy a single pre-release kit or do I have to get the bundle?

You can still buy single pre-release kits from the store while supplies last, they come with their 2 play boosters of prize support! 

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