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RCQ 25.11.2023

Safnaðu 3,000 Poké Kúlum

It’s RCQ time again!

Format: Modern
When: 4/11/22 + 25/11/22 -13:00, please try to arrive early and prepared
Where: PokeHollin Game Room

What: This is the qualification for LEC Ghent 

Price: 3,000kr

Same as last time,  due to this being competitive rules enforcement level deck lists are required. One site to use is, but there are plenty of others. If you want to fill out a list in person I will have lists available, but please be sure to arrive with plenty of time to complete your list. There will be deck checks during this tournament.

You can send me your list in pdf form to the email, put your name and the date of the RCQ it is for in the subject line. Otherwise I will accept them on site before starting R1.

I am estimating 4-5 rounds depending on turnout:
16 or less players = 4 rounds
17+ = 5 rounds

After that there is a cut to top 8 if we have 16 or more players, which will be single elimination

There will be a third sealed RCQ in early December.




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5th - 8th
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