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Wood Leagues Commander Event

Safnaðu 5,000 Poké Kúlum

Pokehollin will be doing a new kind of commander event soon! Entry fee will be 5k, and each player will receive at random a commander along with a few useful cards at random. I will be doing my best to balance the power levels and use a blind pick system for who gets what pack.
You will roughly 10 minutes to trades those cards among yourself. Once that time is done players will have 90 minutes to build a commander deck following normal commander deck construction rules using the bulk boxes at Pokehollin (There is a lot of bulk spanning from 4th ed upwards). You get to keep the commander deck you build. After that we will do 3 rounds of random pairings with a 60 minute max time.
For this event it is very helpful if you do pre-register so I can get an accurate estimate of how many commander packs we will need ready, but I will always make some extra so people are welcome to show up the same day as well. Preregistration link coming soon 🙂
We will have some fun promos and other things that will be given out at random. We will have packs of dragon shield sleeves on discount for 1.5k a box, and 650 for a pack of inner sleeves if you need to pick them up on site.

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